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Maintaining your detectors

Maintaining your detectors

You need to make sure you have smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire alarms placed strategically throughout your home. You must have at least one detector on each floor, near the kitchen, in your hallways, and close to all of the bedrooms. It's crucial that if an alarm goes off, everyone in your family is sure to hear it.

 •  Fire alarms

 •  Smoke detectors

 •  Carbon monoxide detectors

 •  Leak detection

 •  Voltage detectors

 •  Installation

 •  Repair and maintenance

 •  Licensed and fully insured

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With 10 years of serving you under our belt, you can bet that our team has seen it all and handled it all. Regardless of your electrical needs, they are all going to be met when you choose us.

Make sure you have a smoke detector, fire alarm, and carbon monoxide detector.

Let us service your detectors so you can rest at ease.

Get quality electrical care from the electricians who have the knowledge to take care of your needs, including your commercial service needs and service upgrades.

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